TOIstudio is a full service Cleveland based modern architecture studio specializing in urban and community focused projects. From creating homes for new businesses looking to share their story, to making small living spaces that don’t feel small, we offer complete solutions for discriminating clients looking to design and build in the communities that they love. We take a process based approach to developing solutions in order to work with our clients, making sure the entire architect/client team is on the same page and working towards the same goals.

You can see a selection of our work in our Portfolio Section which focuses on planning/consultingresearch installations, urban interventions and architectural projects. We also offer Pre-Design services to in order to help potential clients determine their project requirements and needs in order to explain and personalize the design process to efficiently handle each individual project.

Design Consultation
A low cost introductory service for new clients who are looking to begin a project but not yet ready to make a full commitment and are curious about the process.

Design Consultation

A collection for designers and project owners that illustrate an opinion of best practices, These practices create the wireframe for how TOIstudio operates.

Project Process and Phases

A description of professional services we provide in order to help organize and inform the project team with requisite milestones to keep each project on track.

Pre-Design Services